HIV Basic Facts

One of the diseases that people do not want to have is the HIV. In the environment today, it is normal for people to have sex with each other even if they just met each other and so there is the high risk of contracting HIV because it is very easy to transmit the disease. If one person who has HIV will make contact with someone who does not have then he or she already transferred. HIV could be transferred through semen, fluids from the rectal area, breast milk, vaginal fluids, and also in blood.

With this easy transmission, the disease could spread easily and it has already caused chaos in many countries. Just by sharing injection with someone who is infected the virus is shared. The use of a condom in the correct manner can do a great difference. There is no specific method that will prevent each transmission as there are various choices that you can do. One is to limit your partner and does not just do it without protection.

The best thing is to have protection. When you will inject drugs then make sure that your materials are sterile. The best thing is not to inject drugs at all. Breastfeeding is an easy way to transfer the virus from the mother to the child. That is why a pregnant woman should not commit to any acts that could lead her to have the virus as it would be carried also in her blood and her child will directly be infected.